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 Class Curriculum

 Chapter 1: The Business of Medicine

 Chapter 2: Medical Terminology Anatomy Review

 Chapter 3: Introduction to ICD-9CM

 Chapter 4: ICD-9 Coding Guidelines 1-9

 Chapter 5: ICD-9 Coding Guideline 10-19

 Chapter 6: Introduction to CPT, HCPCS

 Chapter 7: Integumentary System

 Chapter 8: Musculoskeletal System

 Chapter 9: Respiratory, Lymphatic, Mediastinum and Diaphragm

 Chapter 10: Cardiovascular System

 Chapter 11: Digestive System

 Chapter 12: Urinary and Male Genital System

 Chapter 13: Female Reproductive System

 Chapter 14: Endocrine & Nervous System

 Chapter 15: Eye and Ocular Adnexa

 Chapter 16: Auditory Systems, and Anesthesia

 Chapter 17: Radiology

 Chapter 18: Pathology and Laboratory

 Chapter 19: Evaluation and Management

 Chapter 20: Medicine